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Here at Chimney Pro we are excited that we have the experience on both the wood and the gas side of things. If you need natural or propane gas logs installed, if you have a problem, or just need a routine service, Call Chimney Pro today! If you have gas logs in your home, hopefully you know that you need to have them serviced regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and to prevent any problems from occurring. Gas heating appliances are one of the most popular choices for home heating in many areas of the country. Natural gas is an inexpensive fuel and new, higher efficiency appliances help keep fuel consumption down. With new natural gas pipelines being put in across the country, this economical option is becoming available to more and more people. The combination of an inexpensive fuel and a higher efficiency appliance is great for your wallet. But in order to work as safely and efficiently as possible, gas appliances must be inspected and serviced.

Chimney Pro services natural and LP(propane) vented and unvented gas logs and gas inserts.


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